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NRAAS Debug Enabler is a mod made by Twallan, it enables the testing mode used by The Sims 3 developers and usually disabled for users. The functions of this debug mode are pretty similar to the old boolprop testingcheatsenabled true of The Sims 2. With this hack you can cheat a lot and manage your game ;)

What it do: This mod adds a new menu called DebugEnabler to all objects in the game, including those in the sim inventory. You can set skills, career, relationship, genealogy, sim state, and much more..
Ts3 Nraas DebugEnabler main.jpg
Creator: Twallan
Suggested: If you need to cheat... yes!
How to install: As the other .package files
How to use: -
You can download it for free at NRaas Industries exactly Zip icon.gifHERE